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If you have any constructive criticism, helpful advice, worries, or concerns about how I play Muffet, this is the place to let me know. Please feel free to bring any problems you might have about it here, I'm always happy to talk things out.

Feedback is always welcome, and I'd much rather hear about an issue than make someone uncomfortable without knowing.
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As with many things, the key to successful baking is preparation. Review your list of ingredients carefully, as well as any utensils you'll need, and make sure you've got everything ready.

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Player Information

Name: Echo

Age: Twenty-two


Current characters: Just Muffet so far.

Character Information

Name: Muffet

Series: Undertale


Age: No canon age, headcanoning her as about twenty-four.

Canon Point: One year after the end of the True Pacifist route.

Canon History:
Muffet runs the Spider Bake Sale, a charity dedicated to raising the money necessary to safely transport those spider monsters who are trapped in the Ruins to freedom, thus reuniting them with the rest of their society.

Advertisements for this charity are visible at multiple points in the game, and there's an early glimpse of it at their location in the Ruins- presumably, the branch run by the trapped spiders.

A worthy cause- although, the whole image of spider monsters eating nonmonstrous spiders is a bit gruesome. Anybody willing to eat something that looks just like them is bound to creep people out a tad.

Muffet, if anything, seems happy to capitalize on that unnerving reputation, intimidating one buyer into purchasing a very pricey donut by "staring at [him] in this creepy way and licking her lips".

However, for all her threats and posturing, she seems to be an accepted part of monster society, making it unlikely that she's ever actually attempted to harm anyone prior to attempting to kill Frisk.

It is worth noting that her reason for attacking the fallen human is that someone, heavily implied to be Mettaton, told her that the human had a habit of killing spiders rather brutally ("they like to squish them [...] stomp on them [...] tear their legs off").

Presented with the option to exchange the soul of someone (she thinks is) responsible for killing people she may have known for an unspecified but apparently very impressive amount of money in order to help her remaining loved ones, Muffet happily accepts, leading to her battle with the player character.

She can be spared either by purchasing something at the last minute from the ridiculously expensive bake sale at their Hotland location, which will circumvent her battle entirely, or by surviving long enough for a telegram to arrive from the spiders in the Ruins that contradicts the accusations of arachnid serial murder.

Eating something purchased from the bake sale's Ruins location during the fight will end the battle faster, causing the telegram to arrive immediately afterward.

Whatever way she's spared, Muffet does respond politely, by apologizing to the human for the misunderstanding and letting them go freely on their way.

In a Neutral route, this appears to be the last we see of her.

However, in the True Pacifist route, she is one of the many monsters who show up to support Frisk in their last fight with Flowey, and is subsequently mentioned in the credits to have achieved "spider success with a new bakery" on the Surface after the end of the game.

Little to nothing of Muffet's past prior to the beginning of the game is known, except that she is a fairly young adult by monster standards, and has therefore presumably been born and grown up under Mt. Ebott, well after both the end of the Monster-Human War and the deaths of the Dreemurr children.

Canon Personality: Muffet, in the game, is thematically associated with purple- the color which represents the virtue of perseverance. This is a key part of her personality, and colors (pun not intended) many of her actions throughout the game.

She's a hard worker, willing to put in the time and effort to achieve her goals and perfect her skills- baking as a hobby is one thing, but it's much more difficult to run a successful business based on it, particularly when the majority of your new market is a completely different species.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to her occasionally being willing to resort to extreme measures if it means meeting her goals- like any monster, she wants to love and be loved. But she's willing to be feared if it gets your attention where it needs to be.

This is largely a side effect of one of her major flaws: tunnel vision.

Like many very stubborn people, Muffet has a habit of getting so focused on one specific goal she loses track of whether or not it's still worth the cost of achieving it.

For example, her admirable desire to help and protect spider monsters becomes an issue when she winds up so focused on her fellow spiders that it is her only consideration about whether or not to spare you.

Even in the No Mercy route, where she's aware you've done terrible things, she'll still willingly let you go and potentially keep killing because you haven't hurt any spiders, even though you have hurt plenty of other innocent people- ones her fellow spider monsters may well have known and cared for, at that. Ebbott's not that big a mountain, it's entirely possible she's letting their friends' killer walk free.

Focusing on her subspecies at the risk of her entire species- a pretty impressive example of not seeing the forest for the trees.

On the more positive end of things, her goals are at least genuinely benevolent. While she certainly enjoys wealth and comfort, her fondness for money isn't for her own sake, she honestly wants to use it to help people in need and do good.

She's also capable of admitting her own faults- it's hard to sway her from a course of action, but she won't deny hard evidence, either, and can be persuaded to adapt or reconsider if she turns out to be wrong, instead of futilely trying to preserve her pride by sticking to an unworkable plan.

While her myopic tendency to fail to consider those outside her circle of loved ones can end badly, those she does care about can expect a deep sense of loyalty and love.

At the end of the day, she'll always be there for her people.

Personality Shifts: Coming from a post-Pacifist situation has caused Muffet to reconsider some things, although it's not as drastic a change as some characters went through.

Nearly killing an innocent person has made her stop and take a hard look at herself- while she's not constantly wracked with guilt, she does feel that she went too far and compromised her morals, and is trying to reign in her tendency towards letting the ends justify the means.

Also, while she still defaults to 'look out for me and mine' as a goal, she's slowly but steadily expanding her definition of 'mine' to include vastly more people than before. Reaching the Surface has meant seeing a whole new world, and it's shown her that sticking to one narrow group of people just isn't going to work long-term.

Instead, she's working on reaching out more to others and making them part of her 'people', offering an open hand to those willing to take it and letting her family grow, as opposed to only ever considering her immediate family's needs and refusing to connect with outsiders.

She's also toned down the creepiness just a tad- or at least learned how to if she has to. While an intimidating reputation can be helpful in the business world of the Surface as much as the Underground, it turns out it can also lead to people getting a bit panicky and causing the kind of mess it takes the monster ambassador a lot of time to clean up if you go overboard on the 'scary spider lady' routine.

She does hate to give the poor dear extra work, so she's learned to be a little less unnerving when it suits her.

All in all, she's still the same person, just a little more open-minded, wiser, and aware of her personal flaws.

-Bullets (like any monster, Muffet can summon magic bullets, used to damage enemies or communicate with fellow magical beings.
Hers are shaped, variously, like spiders capable of crawling along the magical strings of her web, bouncing circles that mimic donuts, and boomeranging crescents that mimic croissants.)

-Manifesting a SOUL (again, like other monsters, Muffet can use her magic to physically pull out another person's soul and interact with it.
The exact results of this on another character, or what she might find if she tried to CHECK them, would presumably be left up to the discretion of the other player, since this isn't the kind of thing I'd be doing without their permission in any case.)

-Purple magic (as shown in canon, she can send out long threads of a magical purple web, which catches the soul and constrains it to only move along predetermined lines. She can use her web to bind and trap people quite effectively.)

-Green magic (given that Muffet runs a bake sale in canon, which produces two different types of healing items- Spider Donuts and Spider Cider- it can be assumed that she's fairly skilled in the art of cooking monster food, which provides healing and potentially various magical side effects when eaten.
Furthermore, given how much the game thematically connects cooking and healing abilities, it seems plausible that she's also capable of casting green magic to heal people outright, although she probably can't use the shielding aspect of it the way Undyne can.
However, magic presumably takes a certain amount of energy to cast, so while she could definitely be a useful resource if she has the time and capacity to help, she's not going to be an infinite well of healing and healing items.)

-Calling her pet (the large muffin monster used in her battle appears to show up out of nowhere, and I believe that she may be capable of summoning it to her, the same way Sans can call out the gaster blasters.
While it could possibly have just been waiting offscreen, it's not shown standing with Muffet and the other spider monsters either before or after the battle, only appearing during the fight at her command.
Ramequin, as I have named it, does not have any magical abilities of its' own, but it is large enough to ride and has very sharp teeth.)

-Night vision (given that she canonically lives in a particularly dark area of an underground cave system, I suspect that her low-light vision is fairly good.)

-Poison (a magical spider is still a spider. Given the size of her fangs, I've assumed that they have their uses, though this is admittedly headcanon.
Muffet's bite is mildly but nonlethally venomous.
A small dose would result in dizziness and some minor visual hallucinations, a large one in unconsciousness, but it's not strong enough to do any actual damage to any creature larger than the average mouse.)

-Silk production (again, spider.
Given the amount of webbing she lives in canonically, and that she says "a spider never leaves her web [emphasis mine]", implying that it was in fact something that belonged to her specifically, when confronting the human in the No Mercy route, we can infer that she is in fact capable of weaving a web.
She can spin silk thread for her webbing, both sticky and otherwise, using it to wrap things up or climb walls.
Like healing abilities, this is a useful but limited resource, as she simply does not have the physical ability to produce silk continuously, and will need to eat and rest in between making batches of any significant amount.)

-Strength (according to the data retrieved from the game, she has an attack stat of 38.8. For comparison, the notably muscular Aaron has an attack stat of 24.
Therefore it is reasonable to assume that, like many arachnids, Muffet is fairly strong for her size.
That said, we're talking 'thanks for your help moving in but I can carry this couch on my own' strong, not 'let me hold up this collapsing building' strong. She can haul a surprisingly heavy load for someone who looks so tiny and delicate, but it's in the range of a strong man, not Superman.
She's also not terribly durable or heavy, and adding in the fact that she shares the typical monstrous weakness to an attack delivered with cruel intentions...
Better for her to stick to carrying heavy objects, she's not likely to do too well in hand-to-hand combat.)

-The clothes she's wearing, as shown in her pictures under 'Appearance' (black ankle boots, black stockings, red bloomers, black shirt, dark red capelet, dark red hair ribbons, white gloves).
-Five gold in pocket change.
-One (1) purple porcelain teacup.
-A pet muffin monster, named Ramequin.


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