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A good guide to canon details can be found on the Undertale wiki:

This particular version comes from a year after the end of the True Pacifist route, and has been running a profitable business selling her pastries on the Surface.

Name: Muffet. No canonical last name provided, may not actually have one. Headcanon is that she uses 'Baker' on occasions a surname is required.

Age: No canonical age provided. Headcanon is that she's about twenty-four- definitely an adult, but still a relatively young adult by most standards.

Gender: Female.

Height: No canonical height provided, headcanon is about five feet tall.

Weight: No canonical weight provided.

Hair color: Black.

Eye color: Black. Entirely.

Species: Spider monster.

Physical Appearance: Looks roughly like a short, slim human.
...Except for the part where her skin is a pale lavender color. And she's got fangs. And claws. And six arms. And five eyes. But, y'know, other than that? Totally human looking. (Look, compared to Onionsan, everyone seems normal, okay?)
Delicate features, dresses very neatly and properly, fond of frills, bows, and the color red.

Nationality: Kingdom of monsters.

Religion: No canonical religion mentioned. (Possibly the Delta Rune Prophecy counts?)

History: Not detailed in canon, aside from presumably growing up inside Mt. Ebott with the rest of monsterkind and eventually coming to the point where she was responsible for enough other spider monsters to be running a bake sale charity to provide for their needs, including attempting to reunite them with their isolated relatives in the Ruins.
At a late point in the game, she attacks Frisk after they refuse to purchase something at her bake sale, telling them she intends to sell their soul for a lot of money and possibly also turn them into baked goods.
However, it seems unlikely that she had outright killed anyone prior to attacking Frisk in canon- spider monsters could easily cook and eat non-monstrous spiders, and unnerve others by the habit of eating something that looked so similar to their own species, but it seems unlikely that even someone as easygoing as Asgore would be willing to ignore her routinely murdering and eating fellow monsters.
In addition, it is mentioned that someone (heavily implied to be Mettaton) had told her that Frisk had rather brutally killed spider monsters ("they like to stomp on them... they like to tear their legs off...") prior to their meeting, and offered her the money in exchange for killing them.
Therefore, I assume that her threats were more attempts at psychological manipulation and bravado, from a monster facing a member of a species she'd only ever heard of in terrifying stories, one she thought had already killed people she cared about.
She spares Frisk if they survive long enough for proof that they're innocent of this crime to arrive, or if they prove that they care about spiders by buying something from a bake sale and eating it in front of her, and apologizes to them when doing so.
She may be killed in a neutral route, or in No Mercy, but is listed as having "spider success with a new bakery" if monsters make it to the Surface after a True Pacifist route.

Personality: Muffet cares strongly about causes she considers important, and will take on responsibility for those she cares about if she feels they're in need of help. Unfortunately, she also has a tendency towards tunnel vision, focusing so hard on one goal that she loses sight of whether it's still worth achieving- for example, focusing so hard on saving spider monsters that she potentially puts other monsters in danger by allowing Frisk to go free for not having hurt any spiders even if they've killed non-spider monsters before.
She's well-aware that the things she wants to achieve are expensive, in addition to finding genuine pleasure in 'finer' things like tea sets and frilly outfits, so she's very money-conscious, and always on the hunt for a good business opportunity.
She's willing to go to very extreme measures to achieve her goals if she considers them necessary, and has a tendency to try and intimidate people with (thinly) veiled threats and unnerving behavior in order to make them listen to her.
However, she does show a willingness to reconsider her choices when confronted with direct evidence, and to apologize for actions she considers unjustified- she is apparently willing to commit murder if the target is deserving enough, but refuses to harm someone comparatively more innocent, as shown by her apologizing to and sparing Frisk if informed that they have not killed spiders.
After the True Pacifist route, she has begun to work on her flaws and improve herself, seeing the fight with Frisk as a wakeup call about the dangers of her excessive tunnel vision, and discovering that brute-force intimidation is not always an effective business strategy on the Surface.

Powers: She is literally a magical spider lady.
More specifically, she's capable of summoning bullets, which do damage to those they contact physically.
Her 'pet', a giant muffin-like monster with a large fanged mouth and insectoid legs referred to in the game's code as a 'hideous cupcake', will periodically appear from an indeterminate location during her battle, which may indicate some kind of ability to magically summon it.
She can also use purple magic, which appears to bind and restrict things to preset lines.
Given that canonically runs a bake sale I assume that she is also capable of making monster food, which has magical effects, and furthermore may have some skill with green magic, since that covers the same kind of healing effect monster food usually provides, in addition to shielding.
Likely has good night vision, given that she lives in a rather dark area of an underground cave system.
I also headcanon that she is, in fact, mildly venomous. While not lethal, a bite or scratch from her could result in minor hallucinations from a small dose, or outright unconsciousness from a large one.
In addition, being based on a spider, I assume that her biology includes the ability to produce silk, and that she is likely surprisingly physically strong for her relatively small size- not in the range of superhero strength, but certainly capable of carrying a fairly hefty load if necessary.
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